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For Christmas I got a bunch of awesome things including a badass iron fist hoodie, Tomtom GPS, and a new camera battery. Unfortunately since it's been since June my camera charger has been misplaced so I still haven't been able to use it. oops.

I dare say 2009 has already been way better than any previous years. Bebe had her surgery the 30th of December and has been feeling great ever since, plus she's lost weight and is happy about that. I like seeing her happy and healthy so s'all good.

NYE I had dinner with her, Mark, Nick & Cailyn. then I went home to change and watch some Twilight Zone / finish the wine in the fridge. Then I hit up the packie and headed to Lydia & Derek's for a while, and ended the night at Morgan's. Had a midnight kiss..first one since I dated Paul 3 years ago, and I wasn't even expecting to. Dan's a cutie.
Got home around 2:30/ 3.

I'm still working at Iris and still loving it. Working with Bebe is the best, we lift each others spirits and keep the sanity on a daily basis. Plus we keep it fresh up in heah. Had our work xmas party on the 8th of January (was postponed on account of snow) and it was great. Took place at F1 Boston so I raced and did pretty well, then had food and yankee swap and finished the day with a bunch of us playing pool.

Mostly I've been spending mad time with my homey Mikey as he's out of here for basic on March 11th. Going to see him sworn in and such on that day. Then March 20th Alonzo's out of here too so been getting the usual amount of time with my lovah as well, dinner and Nip // Tuck with him tonight in fact.

Surprisingly I've gotten a better grasp on my finances. Been taking advantage of the overtime offered at work and trying to cut down on some spending. It hasn't been a lot of cutting down because I've been out every weekend drinking with homey and living it up before he leaves. But still...been writing down everything I spend so I can hopefully set up a budget next month.

Gram's had one of two surgeries..the pacemaker was moved from her left to right side. Next is to do the lambectomy and remove the tumor..then she has radiation therapy for who knows how long. She's been fine although her alzheimer's is getting worse daily. I love her and it kills me but I'm strong enough to handle it.

I started on anxiety meds the 1st and I have to say I think they're working. I'm not having near panic / anxiety attacks, I've had my breathing under control, and have just felt more positive than I have in months.

This was a long ass update, hope to have photos posted soon when I'm not on the work computer. All is going great and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

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