viva la white girl (pirate_hookerrr) wrote,
viva la white girl

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I'd be dancing if I could.

++ I'm down to just one crutch nowadays. Notsomuch pain anymore either.

++ My physical therapist is continually impressed with my progress each time he sees me. the real test will be my second post-op next week but I'm not worried.

+++ I just started driving again. Helloooo Freeedooom!!!

++ I feel loved by oh so many people. And now that people have heard I can drive again, they're coming out of the woodwork. fuck yes (and I totally understand why they didn't come visit, the fact they've been checking in all along means just as much to me).

+++ My boy Christian won Project Runway tonight. Dave was scared at how happy that made me.

this all = my life looking up 110% literally every day.
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