viva la white girl (pirate_hookerrr) wrote,
viva la white girl

pretty fly for a white girl.

Things are going amazingly well in my life.

Last night I got quite tipsy with Alonzo and my cousin and ended up singing the last verse of "you oughta know" with her during karaoke. I never thought I'd be drunk enough to do karaoke but 3 16oz bud lights, 2 scorpion bowls for 1, most of the scorpion bowl for 2 plus the bacardi 151 in just one sip did it for me. Alonzo should feel special ahah.

Speaking of him, looks like he'll be kickin' it in MA a couple more months to get on his feet more before he makes the move to FL. I'm not-so-secretly happy about that.

I also found out yesterday that I'm going to be an "auntie". My girl Becks is preggers, she's due in November. I'm kind of hoping for a girl heheh.

Now if the warm weather would just start coming on the regular it would complete me.
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