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officially 23 as of 10:45 yesterday <33 it.

I had a pretty badass weekend and great birth-day. Unfortunately there will be no pictures because of the about 10 people at my dinner last night none of us could figure how to work my brother's camera and by the time we did, the batteries were dying. The same thing happened Saturday night with it. Apparently I was destined not to have any photos taken of my birthday weekend and day; oh well.

I also discovered that for a camera that's only a year old the only way I can get a new battery for it is online. Laaame. Now I just have to find the manual and make sure I have the exact model number and shit so I can get on that.

Since 23 is going to kick any other years' ass, I might as well start by making some changes. So tonight instead of talking about how I'm going to clean my room I'm actually going to do a big fucking way. I already took "before" pictures so after tonight I'm hoping to be able to at least take one or two "after" pictures. That's my goal at least, is to get one half of my room done.

Also I'm keeping it low key this entire week. I need to seriously slow down. Having my own place again is key. Because I can't have anyone over here pretty much, I end up going to see them. Every night of the week pretty much I hang out with a different person, and always have to go out or drive at least 20 minutes away. Mainly the room thing is what's keeping me focused on staying home this week, but I'm going to really try and not always be running around every night of the week. My wallet suffers, and my family does too because I'm never here anymore. I just sleep here some nights and that's about it..I miss em.

On that note it's time to get this night kicked off and eat something so I can have the energy to clean ha.
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