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um, I love my life.

I have a job!!!

I'm way psyched to be working at the same place as bebe, getting paid a goood amount of money, finally having a weekly instead of bi-weekly paycheck and finding a place that also doesn't care about piercings.

I didn't even have to look for it either hah. I mentioned to bebe I was gonna start looking for a job and she referred me for this one. Can't wait to start :)

I no longer have to wear my knee brace of Tuesday. I thought it was an April fool's day joke when my PT trainer told me that but it was true heh. I will however wear it this coming Thursday for my comeback at the pub. I figure drinking will make me more susceptible to falling..especially since I haven't been drunk since January.

Last night I hung out with my Danny for the first time in almost two months. I missed him so.

I'm gonna train myself to wake up at 8 this weekend so I'll be used to it come Monday when I have to be at work by 9. Which by the way, I have the best commute..less than a ten minute drive when traffic is good. can you say saweet? lol.

Well my daddy just got home so I gotta tell him the great news and then I'm off to Jon's to be with him and Kali for the night.

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