viva la white girl (pirate_hookerrr) wrote,
viva la white girl


So since Wednesday (awesome a day as that was in itself) things have only gotten better.

Thursday I hung out with Gareth for the first time in ages and took a bone cruise in his hot ass mustang heh. I generally hate fords but his is too nice to not like.

Friday I had to drop off my car loan and on the way back drove around aimlessly and who did I find but Johnny. hoorah. Hopefully we'll start hanging out on the somewhat regular now that he has a cell phone and myspace so communication shouldn't be a problem like it's always been.
That night I finally got up to Quincy to get my camera back and hang out with Jon and Kali (his rottie). Somehow I stayed til 4:30 when I started yawning at 11 I figured I would've fallen asleep but I didn't crash til I got home.

Saturday was a typical rainy day of not doing a damn thing.

And today I hung out with dave, hung out with my bodyguard, watched a bunch of movies, got that new Neutrogena wave thing at Target, showered and ordered my new phone:


I should have it by Wednesday. I wanted a keyboard phone so hopefully I'll be happy with this one. I originally wanted the red blackberry world something or other one but I found out that I would have to pay an additional $30 a month and that it wasn't available as an upgrade for my "new every two" deal. So the Alias it is.

I have a busy day tomorrow so time to take the Nyquil and pass the hell out. Sleep = key.

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